Things to consider before submitting windows phone applications to marketplace

Lately I have noticed that lot of WP7 developers get many issues when they are submitting their applications to the marketplace. so thought of writing the common issues and solutions for those 🙂

Application tiles

There are few types of tiles which is necessary for the app submission. Given below are the sizes of these tiles, make sure to create these tiles to “PNG” format

  • 200×200 pixels (for marketplace)
  • 173×173 pixels (for phone start screen)
  • 99×99 pixels (for marketplace)
  • 62×62 pixels (for phone list)

Make the above tiles to the given size and you won’t have any tile issue.

PS : according to the new “Windows Phone Dev Center” Dev’s don’t need all the above tiles

Application Screen-shots 

When submitting its necessary to have at least one screen shot of your application. these screen shots will basically describe your application in the market place.
The screenshot should be 480×800 pixels, any other size will be rejected in the submission process. Following article will help the developers to take a error less screen shot.

How to Create Screenshots for Windows Phone Marketplace

[NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute

This is another small thing which all the developers forget to do. When developing windows phone apps by default the [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute will be like this,

But this should be changed before the app submission. The “-US ” part should be removed

And if someone is wondering where to find this, you can find it in “AssemblyInfo.cs ”  file which is inside the properties folder in your app.

Application Colors 

This is a common issue which occurs, normally developers check there application in the emulator where the dealt theme is “DARK” so developers use colors which is suitable for that. but you must always consider about the “LIGHT” theme as well because if the app colors are not suitable for both themes then the app will be rejected.

Rating Certifications (for games only)

When submitting a game to the marketplace this rating Certifications is necessary. Following article include all the details about the Rating Certifications.

Content Policies

And for the developers who want to test whether they have made the tiles and screenshots properly they can use Windows Phone Marketplace Test kit which is in-build in visual studio.

Hope the given details will help WP7 devs when submitting applications to marketplace 😀

Cheers!!! 🙂


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