Something about Windows Phone 8

Windows phone 8 the new hot topic in the town 😀 windows phone 8 was first announced in windows phone summit which was held in june 20th, 2012. following are the links to the keynote and platform announcement.

Windows phone summit keynote  & Platform announcement of windows phone 8

main things which got into my mind is that windows phone 8 will have a new start screen(more awesome 😉 ), easy ways of transferring.but sad thing is current WP7 users wont get WP8 update, they will only get 7.8 update which will also have the same start screen 😀 with WP8 lot of new devices are suppose to be released.

New WP8 Start Screen

New WP8 Start Screen

Today i got a chance to watch a leaked video about WP8 and i see lot of cool things are added to WP8, like data  tracking ,new photo editing things and lock screen customization.according to the video the Music and photo hub is more similar to the marketplace.overall its looks super awesome and looking forward for the official release 🙂


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