HTML5 for beginners

HTML5” the most trending topic in web development.well to do some projects it was necessary to learn HTML5, so i had to search and learn from the beginning 🙂 and i thought of posting some tutorials here which will be helpful to any person who want to learn HTML5 from the scratch 🙂

thenewboston Youtube Tutorial set (this is recommended for any beginner, very good set of tutorials)

w3schools (good place to check syntax)

whatcreative (good article, read it 😉 )

Inspiring HTML5 Experiments (great creations, take a look 😀 )

channel9 tutorials (recommended for any beginner 🙂 )

—await for more tutorial links—

And as the rumors says with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 release HTML5 web development will be more easy 😀 and also to make Metro Applications the developers need to know about learning this now will be more helpful for the future 🙂

Life is a learning experience, only if you learn.” ~Yogi Berra


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