Things to consider before submitting Windows Store Apps

When submitting Windows Store Apps lot of beginners face many issues. This post is how to overcome those issues and submit your app easily and faster.

1. Privacy Policy

This is one key thing in windows store apps. If your app needs any internet interaction to work properly then in the “package.appxmanifest” under the Capabilities the “Internet (Client)” will be ticked, by default also this is ticked. When this is ticked having a privacy policy is a must.

   a) Charms Setting

This is inside app where the privacy policy is mentioned. you can check how to add C# charm setting in this post


       b) Online Link
Same privacy policy must be mentioned in a website/blog or any online media. Where anyone can view easily by simply clicking a link. click here for a sample
This link should be mentioned when submitting the app to the store.


2. Images
When creating Windows Store Apps its necessary to have four types of images ready before the submission of the app, the four types are,

  • Logo
  • Small logo
  • Splash screen
  • Store logo

Having the default images can give your errors in the submission. So it’s always recommended that you create above images which is unique to the your app.

3. App packages

It is necessary to build app packages before the submission of the app. and it is important that you login to your Microsoft account and create the app packages.

After packages are created it will ask to launch “Windows App Certification Kit” if you launch that then the packages will be validated. If there are any issue in the packages then that will be identified and give the user where the issue is in the full report. If the packages are good the following screen will appear


4. Category and subcategories

When submitting it is necessary to pick the correct category and subcategory. Some times apps don’t get accepted because of the wrong category. You will get the picking option in the submission process under the selling details where you can pick the category.

5. Notes to testers

This is another main part in the submission process.It is always good to give a brief introduction of the app in this because then the app tester can get the full detail view of the app. and if the app doesn’t need any user login or account it is very important to mention that by putting “This App doesn’t need any user account”. and if any stuff in the app is localized you need to mention those things in this part.

above mentioned points are few of the main things an Windows Store app beginner must consider before submitting apps. hope this will be helpful for all the beginners. please well free to give your comments 🙂 and you may ask any Questions related to this in the comments 🙂


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