Epic camera app : Camera360

Since long time Windows Phone was lacking with a good image capturing , editing and sharing app. for other platforms instagram was the saver with all those functionality. but finally that app has arrived to the windows phone market 😀 Camera360 the new saver for WP users 🙂

why Camera360?

From the images side Camera360 has the capability of taking pictures with filters & frames, take normal images and edit those with filters & frames and easy sharing and easy viewing option for the stored images.

App functionality?


Normal Interface

When you first start the app it gives the user an epic intro, this is the first time i have saw this kinda cool intro in a windows phone app. after intro when it comes to the normal interface it looks really cool, how it allows to change from one category to another is very unique. Also inside those each category you get different filters which you can change by tapping screen and moving up or down.

The users can edit and change the frames and add filters and make the captured image more beautiful according to the users willingness.

When saving the images it directly saves to the camera roll, the best part is no watermarks or anything that sort of not there in the final images, which i believe very good for the users. inside the app all the images which is in the camera roll is showed in a Photo diary and a Photo calender.

sharing with the app also pretty-much easy once you logged to the social media sites like twitter and Facebook from the app then you can share the image very quickly.


Among the mobile camera apps in the windows phone market, Camera360 stays in the top of the list for its uniqueness and epic functionality. person who have used this app once will never use the normal camera again, that’s for sure 🙂


Normal image without any filters


Image with a filter


Photo Share


Photo Calendar


Photo Diary


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