Windows Phone App Studio

header-phoneWhat is this new tool?

Windows Phone App Studio is the new tool which is introduced by Microsoft to build Windows Phone apps. according to Microsoft with less time, the user can develop high quality app. also they say from this users can publish, test and share with others easily.

Whats the platform behind this tool?

Windows Phone App Studio is a web based tool. by the looks of it we can assume this is created based on HTML 5 and its features. with windows phone 8 the developers can build HTML 5 based app for Windows Phone,so assumption is that the final output of this tool(the app) will be based on HTML 5. but Microsoft still haven’t released any details about the core of this tool since its still in the beta stage.

Advantaged of the tool?

main advantage of this tool is that the user can develop app faster with less amount of time. Also user is able to integrate all the Windows Phone app functions easily.


Windows Phone App Studio will be a great tool for the users since app development from this will be not that time consuming. cannot predict any major things since still the tool is on beta, hopefully this tool will be a game changer in the App industry.

anyone who is interested about Windows Phone App Studio can get more details from here


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