Instagram for Windows Phone : 6tag

“Instagram” is one of the world’s famous networks almost among everyone. Main reason for the success of Instagram was the uniqueness which grabbed the user hearts. It was launched in October 2010 and by April 2012 it had over 100 million active users. Originally Instagram catered for iOS and Android platforms only. But until now windows phone users never had a chance to experience Instagram. Now it’s almost here for the windows phone as well. “6TAG” the Instagram for windows phone users, more likely the Instagram’s twin 😀

What is 6TAG?

6tag is the most full featured and the first Instagram client app with video upload support in the windows phone store. 6tag was created by Rudy Huyn who is one of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals. Although 6tag is not officially endorsed by the Instagram, it has all the functionalities which is available inside Instagram. Even though windows phone store is still growing 6tag have achieved more than 200,000 downloads and the app supports more than 30 languages.

App functionality?

It includes all the the Instagram functionalities from taking a picture and adding effects to uploading the image to social media sites. Also 6tag is the first to enable the video uploading feature. This app also have features like Geo-tag on posts , interacting with friends, Front & back camera support, Live tile with notifications and much more cool features.

Login Screen





Saved Image


For Windows Phone Users “Instagram” was one of the missing apps in the Windows Phone store. Now 6tag have successfully filled that missingness for the WP users. without any hesitation I’m able to say 6tag is the best Instagram client app which is available for windows phone users. Also you can now download this app from the Windows phone store for free.

Windows Phone users, its time for instagraming 😉


Profile [From Device]


Profile [From Web]


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