New Facebook Messages

Like always Facebook has improved something in there site…but this time its the FB messages šŸ˜€

Now you can share your own FB pics with your friends easily with out sending links and your from your computer šŸ™‚ pretty cool feature I would say šŸ˜€

day by day Facebook is getting interesting and that is something good for social media šŸ˜€


Facebook āœ“ seen for Groups

Facebook first introducedĀ this “āœ“ seen” option toĀ their chat where one side user type the msg if the other side user reads it then the person who typed the msg get the notification as his/her msg was seen by the other end person.thenĀ similarĀ kinda method wasĀ introducedĀ to the Posts in Facebook pages where how many people saw that post isĀ calculated.

seennow it has beenĀ introducedĀ to the Posts inĀ FacebookĀ User when a person see the post theĀ specificĀ time which person saw the post is also marked with there name šŸ˜€

when the mouse cursorĀ is over the seen option that list can be viewed with the seen time and date šŸ˜€

well have to say this is a pretty nice option by FB user group members cant say that they never saw the specific post if they really saw šŸ˜‰