ROI of User Experience

User Experience (UX) has become a hot topic these days which everyone are highly motivated to talk and learn about ūüôā

While I was researching about UX I found the following video which explain the return on investment (ROI) of UX by Dr. Susan Weinschenk. The video explains 3 of the top reasons why most of the projects that fail are directly tied to UX. Check the video because you might be able to learn few things about this issue.


The Disciplines of User Experience Design

User Experience design¬†is one of the hot topics these days,but many people don’t know the disciplines inside User experience design. following is one of infographics which i found recently which explains the disciplines up to some extend.


The Disciplines of User Experience Design

The above “The Disciplines of User Experience Design” is a diagram by Dan Saffer, later given a makeover by Thomas Gl√§ser . you can view the original source from here.

UX is not UI

UX is not UI..Any person who has done a little bit of research would understand that fact, but sadly people think and assume both these are the same. Specially most of Sri Lankans think that UX is UI. given below is a good compression for all those who are confused about this,

UI design is a huge part of UX. I would say that in a good majority of cases the UX designer does in fact design the interface. But UX is not UI. This is where the education of others comes in. Helping people understand just what UX is and the invaluable role it plays is illustrated beautifully with the UX Umbrella. -Erik Flowers

Good explanation about the above points are given by Erik Flowers in his article¬†regarding this topic. So get the BIG picture, read and get yourself un-baffled. ūüôā