Above quote has good meaning. take few minutes and look at your life and think are we really doing what we love? if your answer is “NO” then its time to change what your doing and start doing what you LOVE 🙂

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ROI of User Experience

User Experience (UX) has become a hot topic these days which everyone are highly motivated to talk and learn about 🙂

While I was researching about UX I found the following video which explain the return on investment (ROI) of UX by Dr. Susan Weinschenk. The video explains 3 of the top reasons why most of the projects that fail are directly tied to UX. Check the video because you might be able to learn few things about this issue.

Voice with news app : NBC News

“Multitasking” is a great skill which a person can master, but this post is not about multitasking 😉 Just imagine if you can listen to the news which your only interested about while working on something. Windows Phone users that dream of yours has come true with NBC news app.

NBC News1Whats NBC news? 

NBC news is the official windows phone app which delivers stories, videos, and slide shows from all over the world related to all the news category’s. but this is NOT just another news app.

Whats Special in NBC news?

You can talk to this app, yes you guessed it right…this app has the speech recognition technology integrated. Windows Phone app market has many apps with speech recognition technology. But NBC news is one of the first news apps which have integrated this technology.

App functionality?

Simply by saying to “read news” or by pressing the play button in the news article you can listen to news. the easy steps to get started with voice would be by press and holding the windows button and say “NBC News…” , after that you can use the following voice commands for different purposes.

  • “…read headlines”
  • “…view top stories”
  • “….search.”
  • “…show me the settings page.”


NBC News is one of a kind news app with speech recognition technology. its simple and very easy to use. person who have used this app once will surely use again and again 🙂

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Picture Password for Windows Phone ?

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 went hand in hand when it comes to features, this was very much expected since both of the Operating Systems are from Microsoft’s “8” family.

When talking about similarities, first the tile sizes comes to play, because WP8 and Windows 8.1 both the Operating Systems has similar tile sizes other than Windows 8.1 has one extra tile size which is called “Large” which is still not available in WP8.  next the apps in both Operating Systems platforms comes to play, where most of the key apps are now available for both Operating systems. most recent addiction to the windows phone 8 was Bing apps which include Bing News, Bing weather, Bing finance and Bing sports. Windows 8 Bing apps got very popular with windows 8 release and now nice to see those in windows phone market.

My prediction is the next feature which will be included into the Windows Phone 8 OS would be the picture password option. normally other OS platforms have this swapping password feature.And the similar trademarked feature for Microsoft is the picture password which was introduced with Windows 8. Already people are really impressed with the Picture password in windows 8 and it will be cool to have this option to the Windows Phone 8 OS as well.


Current Password

Expected Password

Expected Password

but the question is will picture password for Windows Phone will come anytime soon or will it never come, technically its a mystery.but windows phone users would like to see that feature or an advanced feature similar to that, also lets hope Microsoft will release a windows phone 8.1 with picture password option and many other awesome features for the users. 🙂

Windows Phone App Studio

header-phoneWhat is this new tool?

Windows Phone App Studio is the new tool which is introduced by Microsoft to build Windows Phone apps. according to Microsoft with less time, the user can develop high quality app. also they say from this users can publish, test and share with others easily.

Whats the platform behind this tool?

Windows Phone App Studio is a web based tool. by the looks of it we can assume this is created based on HTML 5 and its features. with windows phone 8 the developers can build HTML 5 based app for Windows Phone,so assumption is that the final output of this tool(the app) will be based on HTML 5. but Microsoft still haven’t released any details about the core of this tool since its still in the beta stage.

Advantaged of the tool?

main advantage of this tool is that the user can develop app faster with less amount of time. Also user is able to integrate all the Windows Phone app functions easily.


Windows Phone App Studio will be a great tool for the users since app development from this will be not that time consuming. cannot predict any major things since still the tool is on beta, hopefully this tool will be a game changer in the App industry.

anyone who is interested about Windows Phone App Studio can get more details from here